Our Family's Story

We are the Bauer family, residing in Huron, Ohio. Matt and Beth, married in 2005, eagerly embraced parenthood, welcoming our first child, Grant, in 2008. In 2010, Adelle, our second child, joined our family, making us feel complete. However, the feeling that something was missing lingered, leading us to try for a third child. On October 25, 2016, Evelyn Michael Bauer completed our family.

If Evelyn had been our first, she would have undoubtedly been our last. From the start, she had endless energy and possessed a remarkably strong will. Evelyn shared a unique and special bond with her siblings. Her connection with Grant was particularly extraordinary, with the roles typically reversed—Evelyn teasing and hiding things from her big brother. Despite the occasional wait outside Adelle's room, Evelyn and her big sister also shared a distinctive and cherished bond. Adelle often embraced her little sister, allowing Evelyn to be part of her world, creating memories that will forever live in our hearts.

Anyone familiar with us would attest that the five of us did everything together. Whether it was a soccer game, basketball game, or school function, Evelyn was there with us. If one went, all five of us went together—it was a united front. Evelyn was frequently spotted on the sidelines, carrying a backpack filled with her favorites—a snack, Barbie, notepad, markers, and other cherished items of the moment. Before the halfway point of any game, you could always count on hearing Evelyn's familiar inquiry: "Is it almost over?"

The loss of Evelyn on January 8, 2023, left us utterly devastated—losing a child was a reality we never fathomed. Coping with this tragedy is a day-by-day journey. Our perspective on life has undergone a profound transformation, once overwhelming problems now appear trivial. Talking about Evelyn has become our therapy, a gift when others inquire about her, allowing us to share the sparkle of her spirit. While we strive to maintain a positive outlook in honor of Evelyn's vibrant life, the void she left in our family remains, and it will never feel right.

Our family strives to give back to other families who find themselves in a similar situation. The Foundation will support creating Evelyn's lasting legacy and honor her amazing smile and spirit.